About She's Beauty Parlour

At the She’s Beauty Parlour, we believe in beauty with a conscience. We have created a Parlour that offers the highest quality hair services in a setting that is healthier for the environment, our guests and our staff. The Beauty Parlour is designed and built primarily with recycled materials: the floor is made of reclaimed wood from a local grain elevator – preserving and showcasing its natural texture – and most of the fixtures and furniture are refurbished or original vintage pieces.

High-Quality professional hair and beauty products designed to ensure our guests look their best, both in the parlour and at home. The skin care products we carry have been carefully chosen based both on performance and eco-sensitivity. As a clean air parlour, we offer ammonia-free colour services with little to no scent properties or chemical emanation. This healthier alternative to traditional coloring practices is also safe for expectant mothers and individuals with allergies or scent sensitivities.

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Every Human on the earth deserves to be beautiful and they are in their own way. But their is a need of enhancement to make oneself more confident in this modern world. That's what we do.